Tuesday, August 5, 2014

NEW! Freebie by ME-Pretty Flower.

Ok I went to the doctor today and found out that I have phenomia BUT I was not going to let that hinder me sharing my very first attempt at scrapping for one single minute.... I do believe I have found my new passion! Although I know flowers is a long long way from a whole scrapkit..... I know now that I can do this and I do have it in me to do so..... SO my little pretties

be prepared to be showered with all of my new goodies that I will be making.... YEP I am going to use you all as my personal guinea pig's.....  I hope noone has any complaints about that.... My TOU are simple you can share, recolor, use them in tuts all you want. There is no need in giving me credit only if you want too it would be appreciated but it is not required. My designs are for Personal Use Only so please do not claim them as your own and sell them... Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy.... Have FUN! You can pick up my first freebie HERE. It is a set of 4 flowers Red, Blue, Purple an Black.... Nae