Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Easter Egg Hop.

Daisies and Dimples has a Easter Egg Hop going on and this is one YOU do not want to miss out on! I have done made my way along the Easter Bunny Trail and picked up all my AMAZING Easter goodies! A BIG thanks to all these fantastic designers for sharing their time and talents with everyone. God Bless YALL! I will be creating my first Easter tag and writing a tutorial with this so you want to keep a eye open for that. I have got done revamping my blog BUT I am wishing that I had done a Easter theme.... OH WAIT!!!!! Lucky me I just picked up a awesome bunch of Easter goodies that will help me take care of that real fast.... Alright everyone have a great night and keep on the lookout and be sure and check out the Daisies and Dimples Easter Egg Hop.  ♥Nae