Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Design.

I need to work on my blog and come up with some sort of new design I think this one has been on here for almost 2 years. WoW!!!! YEAH.. I think it is time for a change!♥ New Layout Coming SOON! Maybe with a Spring Fling to it.... I am ready for some Summertime myself. BUT all in due time. :)

Create something beautiful today then go and share it, inspire someone.... :) Have a VERY beautiful day! ♥Nae

FB Cover.

Decided to give tubing a whirl not to shabby if I do say so myself and although it was time consuming it was VERY relaxing. LOVED it and will do it more often.
This is what I come up.♥Nae
Image Courtesy of  FreeHDWalls.

A Love that Last.

I made this with a awesome kit from Dee and CrazyCarita  I never did get around to doing a tut for it. BUT I do have it saved in psp format if I ever do decide to do so. I am slowly making my way back to the designing world. Just be patient with me folks.♥ I have had alot going on. Thats LIFE right? BUT I think this kit is beautiful but then again I think all of CC and Dee's designs are. :) You can purchase this and many many other designs at Dees'Sign Depot. or CDO (Creative Design Outlet).