Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Forum Set I call it Forgiveness.

Well I started out going to make a tag and then ended up with this and I feel asleep making it last night 4 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I ended up clearing out my clipboard and lost to where it was saved in a psp format. I am going to try and make yall a tag out of this kit tho it is just totally beautiful and I will share my template as always for those of you on the run. Well be on the look out for the next couple days I feel a little sting from a cute little psp bug....and we wouldnt want to make him mad now would we....LOL Here is my forum set I made I hate I was not able to save the psp form and that I was so sleepy I cant half remember what I done....BUT if you are a member of AD I would sure love to make you one just give me a shout and I will get it for ya as soon as I can.....
Hugs Nae