Sunday, December 26, 2010


This is a tag that I made while doing a challenge in my graphics group. Afternoon-Delight. I decided to start having a challenge once a week that really made the pspers use their own god given talents. When I started psping there was not any scrapkits or templates there was just the few little things that you might luck up on finding and you and your own imagination....So I decided to have a challenge and call it Afternoon-Delights Destination Imagination Challenge and turn it into like a contest....We will have the non pspers vote on the best tag and whoever gets the most votes well they will win psp tubes. Great way to learn to be creative and then pick up some new tubes along the way! It turned out really well so far. But I had a go at it and I have to admit I really really loved doing this it challenged my mind and reminded me just what psp is really all about. I could sit here and go on and on but im not. LOL I know you are tired of hearing me ramble on. My point is well the challenge WAS I give them 2 snowflakes one silver and one blue and they had to create a tag using just those two items....They could however use filters, masks, and all their tools in psp. BUT no scraps or templates.... Then add a tube of their choice to the finished tag.....We had some great end results....This is what I come up with. This was my end result so I decided I would share the template to this tag with anyone that might want it. If you do think that you might be able to use this Template you can grab it HERE. It also has the snow layers included in the template. Big Hugs and Happy Holidays Love Nae! xoxo