Monday, August 23, 2010

►Will be MIA for a while.

Well the time has come we will be moving starting until I get moved and settled in I will not be doing anymore tuts. BUT once we get our internet hooked up I will be back to tuting....This move has been very stressful on me so yall keep me in your prayers. I am excited but then again I am worried. Its kind of a bitter sweet kinda thing. But anywho yall hold the fort down and I will be back as soon as possible. We are Arkansas bound BABY!!!!! Much Love Nae

Well we made it here to Arkansas and I simply LOVE it! I have some great neighbors and such a nice place to live. I even have a privacy fenced in backyard for all my furbabies....yall know how I love my animals! My sister and her hubby came and spent the night the other night and we had a ball got rid of some clothes from years ago that I needed to for a while....My dad and my stepmom came the day before and I cooked them roast and lemon icebox pie daddys favorite. But they are going to come back and help me work in the flower beds and plant some trees in about a month. Chris my sister is coming back the 25th. But anywho here is a pic of my new house not that good of one I really need to invest in a digital camera Paige has one but I dont.....