Sunday, July 18, 2010

And Out of Darkness There Came Life-FTU

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And Out of the Darkness There Came Life

that can be translated in many ways as to what that means....
SO Im going to share what this means to me.
I am OCD and it is very hard for me sometimes it feels like you
will never see any life or light ever in your future you are in
constant fear and worry not a minute of peace...
BUT I am a surviver and I REFUSE to let this get the best of me....
It is worst at times when there are alot of things going on and
we are in the middle of moving we will be moved by the middle of Aug.
Probably so my OCD has been giving it to me good! BUT im not down just yet!!!!!
Rock on I SAY!!!!! A few prayers wouldnt hurt either if
you believe in that sort of thing because when I am
like this it is very hard on not just me but my family.....
Creating has saved my life it has got me thru some really really bad times. It allowed me to express my feelings I was feeling in a positive way instead of a negative way....Ok enough of me....♥
Thanks yall and I hope you enjoy my tut. xx Nae