Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thank Goodness.

I believe I have found a new group that everyone is going to like. I have done moved stuff.... this is the second time and I love this site it is so easy and user friendly. Im sorry I have not got yall any new tuts but I have really been busy moving my group and trying to get it set up and everyone moved once again....I know they are about ready to kill me....LOL But I believe it will be worth it in the long run. I love creating websets and I was just not happy with my first choice because you could not use them. You could not even copy and paste....yuck just took the joy right out of it....for me anyway. Well I will try and get yall a new tut in the next couple of days I am really beginning to love this tut stuff I never thought I would have the patience to do this I was used to just creating tags and not even knowing half the time what I had done when I done it....SO now I just have to pay attention and take alot of notes....LOL Thank yall for being so supportive that means the world.